How I just barely escaped from materialism

How I just barely escaped from materialism

Dear readers, today is about how materialism almost took over me.


Materialism describes a world view in which an individual is solely concerned with creating as much profit as possible in his life and continuously acquiring new possessions. “It is a view of things which recognizes only the material as really existing, the ground and substance of all reality, and regards soul and spirit as mere functions of the material”.

It can happen so quickly and it can happen to anyone. Especially if you work in circles of the VMC, you should really pay attention. You live in a bubble that is all about possessions, prosperity and wealth. That’s how it started for me. When I earned my first million from the comfort of my own home, I didn’t know what to expect soon. I kept buying things that I already had or didn’t need.


Wardrobes are getting smaller, at least it seems so. More and more rooms in my penthouse apartment in the 1st district were spent on wardrobes. At this point in my life, all I was thinking was, “What are you doing with your life?”

But there is a remedy. In the middle of the year, coaching will be added to the VMC, in which you, as a member of the VMC, can get advice on how you can also manage to escape materialism from its cold hands and resist the sugar-sweet greed of constantly trying new things buy things you really don’t need. Since this project is still in its infancy, not everything is settled yet. Presumably, VMC members will be able to request this coaching free of charge.

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