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10 Jul, 2023

How I just barely escaped from materialism

Dear readers, today is about how materialism almost took over me. BUT WHAT IS MATERIALISM?…

10 Jul, 2023

The Asymmetry Between Money and Feelings of Happiness – The Happiness Curve/Pyramid

Greetings to all readers. I'm sure you all remember their first millions, which they presumably…

10 Jul, 2023

Using AirDrop on Android

A smartphone is a thing everybody owns these days. But some people don't seem to…

10 Jul, 2023

Working with file sharing sites

Filesharing is a wonderful business. And you can profit of it, too! The article gives…

10 Jul, 2023

Why do I need an antivirus?

Computer viruses are not good. Really. THE RISK OF INFECTIONS. For instance, the sort of…

10 Jul, 2023

What are cryptocurrencies?

Crypto currencies can be anybody's best friend! You only need to know how to use…

10 Jul, 2023

Why programmers are important

Programming can feel special from time to time. But it's still not wasted lifetime, because…

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